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DSM300 NETWORK Digital Sounder Module with HDFI (High Definition Fish Imaging) Technology

See All The Fish You Have Been Missing

Constantly adjusting transmitter and receiver parameters, the "C" or "E" series with HDFI technology intelligently analyzes fish and bottom echoes and automatically produces a crystal clear echo sounder display. An amazing technology breakthrough, HDFI echo sounders from Raymarine deliver exceptional clarity and detail that cannot be matched by conventional fishfinders.

DSM 300 network Integration

  • SEATALK2 Digital Sounder Module adds HDFI technology to Raymarine’s "C"or"E" SERIES displays .
  • Combine the DSM300 with a "E" SERIES Radar/chartplotter display to create an “All-in-one”integrated echo sounder/radar/chartplotter display
  • Use the DSM300 to upgrade a L760 Plus or L1250 Plus to HDFI technology. Simply plug it in with an optional adapter!

Additional Info:

DSM300 NETWORK Echo Sounder Features

  • Dual frequency operation (200/50 kHz)
  • 1000 or 600 watt available output power depending choice of transducer
  • HDFI Auto Adaptive Gain control (no adjustment required)
  • Patent Pending Digitally Adaptive Transmitter Receiver with infinite receiver bandwidth settings and digital filter
  • A-Scope (Real-Time Display): Split second real time representation of fish and bottom features passing through the beam of your transducer right now, the history of your A-Scope is represented in the standard sounder image scrolling across your screen.
  • Zoom Display: Auto or manual zoom magnification of any part of the 200 or 50 kHz fishfinder screen image, (X 2, X4 or X6 magnification).
  • Bottom Lock: The bottom lock feature, shows the bottom as a straight line, in order to help you detect fish close to the bottom and remove wave action from the fishfinder image.
  • Full Screen or Split screen display: All fishfinder display functions can be shown in full page screen mode, or split horizontally or vertically with other functions, such as chartplotter, waypoint 3D steering indicator, large character depth/temp/speed digit readout, etc.
  • White Line: The White line feature helps distinguish between fish and the bottom, when fish are swimming close to the bottom.
  • Depth Temperature Graph: Plots depth and temperature changes over time.
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