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The Furuno CH250 is the sport fisherman's dream machine, designed for boats 40 feet and up. This high-performance searchlight sonar displays fish and underwater objects on a sunlight viewable 10.4" color LCD TFT display. It has the ability to rapidly scan a full 360 degrees around the boat or just specified sectors.

There are eight operational modes to choose from. The full circle/vertical slice mode finds fish targets and bottom structure all around the vessel, with a vertical slice display at the same time. The vertical slice mode gives you a fore and aft, surface to surface, expanded view of fish school distribution on the selected bearing. You can set it for a depth sounder mode, which has a tilt and train capability for forward or side looking. It is even stabilized against the boats motion.
Additional Info:
  • Waterproof, 10.4" Color TFT LCD, landscape orientation
  • 8 or 16 color targets including white, selectable day or night background color
  • 1200 Watt (RMS) transmitter power output, 60 kHz
  • Standard with MS100 motion sensor (clinometer) for 360 degree stabilization of sonar image
  • Automatic soundome retraction at preset ships speed between 5 to 15 knots, speed data req.
  • 15 degree (H) x 12 degree (V) transducer beam angle, 1 degree tilt angle steps, +90 degrees max
  • Transducer tilt angle may be set in 1 degree steps from + 5 to - 90 degrees
  • Three Custom Mode Keys to select unique search features such as "Forward S/L Fan Scan"
  • Audio Target Detection, continuous visual watch not necessary, optional speaker required
  • Omnipad Driven Cursor
  • Display Operating Modes
    • Horizontal S/L Scan, 0 to 360 in 6 degree steps, 15 ranges to a maximum of 5000 feet
    • Normal ( 6 degree) or Fast Scan ( 12 degree ) steps within a selected horizontal sector
    • Split Screen, Zoomed Horizontal S/L Scan display with Nav data
    • Vertical S/L Fan Scan, 0 to 180 in 12 degree steps, 15 ranges to a maximum of 2000 feet
    • Normal ( 3 degree) or High Speed ( 6 degree) scan steps within selected vertical sector
    • Split Screen Echo Sounder, 15 ranges, maximum 2000 feet, with Nav Data or A- Scope display
    • Split Screen, Horizontal and Vertical S/L Scan Display
    • Split Screen, combination Horizontal S/L Scan Plotter Overlay and Track Display
  • Own ship speed and heading vector, duration set from 10 seconds to 6 minutes
  • Split Screen, combination Horizontal S/L Scan and Strata Display
  • Reverse train Target Lock, used in both Horizontal and Vertical S/L Fan Scan
  • Target Lock on a preset L/L position AutoTilt Tracking, TLL output, L/L data input req.
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